Breast Reduction in Algonquin, Illinois

When it comes to breast size, bigger is not always better. Overly large, heavy breasts can cause a number of life-limiting issues, from chronic back pain to the inability to find a bra that fits well. Breast reduction can alleviate such problems by removing excess tissue and creating smaller, lighter and more lifted breasts that are better proportioned to your body.

Initital Recovery Time: 14 days
Final Results: 6 months

Breast reduction surgery can provide relief from the physical discomfort and the emotional issues associated with having unusually large and heavy breasts. Additionally, this procedure will improve your natural proportions and allow you to pursue and enjoy a more active lifestyle.

As a board certified plastic surgeon with 20+ years of experience in cosmetic and reconstructive breast surgery, Dr. Gunnar Thors has the training, skills and compassion necessary to achieve beautiful, lasting results with breast reduction. He will work as a partner with you to address your concerns and achieve a breast size with improved proportions to your body and overall appearance.

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Why consider breast reduction surgery?

If you feel your breasts are too large for your frame, or the size or weight of your breasts causes pain or limits you from participating in activities you enjoy, a breast reduction may be an excellent option for you to improve your comfort and quality of life. Smaller breast size and a more proportionate contour can help relieve associated health problems, such as back, neck or shoulder pain, as well as enhance self-confidence. Breast reduction can also relieve you of unwanted attention due to the size of your breasts.

If you are bothered by any of the following due to your breast size, a breast reduction is worth considering:

  • Back, shoulder and/or neck pain
  • Interference with sports and physical activity
  • Your breasts look too large in proportion to the rest of your body
  • You have a hard time finding clothing that fits properly
  • Bra straps cause shoulder grooves because of the weight of breasts
  • You are self-conscious about your large breasts

About Breast Reduction Surgery in Algonquin, Illinois

Dr. Thors performs breast reduction as an outpatient procedure in an accredited surgical facility, using general anesthesia. Incisions are placed around the edge of the areola and along the lower portion of the breast to remove excess fat and breast tissue. This results in a reshaping of the breast with rounded, lifted contours and improved symmetry. Nipples are also repositioned to ensure they are in the most natural location possible.

I have had several things done over the years, and I have to say Dr. Thors and his staff are amazing. His work is awesome and really gives you that natural look—people can’t tell what’s been done, but have noticed a younger, fresher look.
-Actual Patient of Dr. Thors

Recovery after breast reduction

You will be able to go home shortly after your procedure to recover. Any post-operative pain is usually well controlled with medication. You may shower the following day and get back to non-strenuous work activity within 1 week. Exercise may be gradually resumed after 3 to 5 weeks. Swelling, bruising, and numbness in the breasts are common for several weeks following surgery; these symptoms peak several days after surgery and gradually subside thereafter. Results are very close to their final form 2 to 3 months after surgery, and subtly improve for up to one year.

Results from breast reduction are intended to last for many years. However, future pregnancy or significant weight changes and aging may possibly cause additional changes to your breasts. If desired, this may be improved with secondary surgery to restore your results.

Most women report significant improvement in posture and relief of neck and shoulder pain with overall increases in well-being. If you are in the Algonquin, Illinois or the greater Chicago area, we invite you to contact our practice to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Gunnar Thors.

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