Otoplasty for Men in Algonquin

Do you worry that your ears are the first thing people notice about you? Otoplasty, or ear pinning surgery, may be a great option for you. This usually straightforward procedure brings large, protruding ears closer to the head, helping to restore facial harmony. Keep reading to learn more about otoplasty with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gunnar Thors.

Initital Recovery Time: 7 days
Final Results: 1 month

Well-proportioned, symmetrical ears are an important element of facial harmony, helping to balance your features in an aesthetically pleasing way. If your ears appear too large or protrude conspicuously from your head, they may detract from facial harmony, causing you to feel self-conscious about your appearance.

If you don’t like the way your ears look, otoplasty can help. Also called ear pinning surgery, otoplasty repositions the ears to restore a more balanced, natural appearance.

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How ear reshaping can help

Otoplasty can bring the ears closer to the head by removing excess cartilage behind the ear, reduce overly large ears, or improve ear shape and symmetry.

If you feel limited to wearing your hair long to downplay your protruding ears, otoplasty can help you feel freer to wear your hair the way you like. By bringing the ears into better proportion with other facial features, ear pinning can restore aesthetically pleasing harmony that enhances your overall appearance, helping others focus their attention on you, not your ears.

Dr. Thors can also perform ear pinning procedures on children whose ears are fully developed—typically be age 5 or 6. Click here to learn more about otoplasty for children »

What to expect with ear pinning surgery in Algonquin

Dr. Thors performs ear pinning for adult men as an outpatient procedure, typically using local anesthesia. For children or men having additional facial procedures, general anesthesia may be more appropriate. Incisions are made in the back of the ear, through which Dr. Thors removes or repositions cartilage to reduce ear size and improve the angle of the ears on the head. Incisions are then sutured and the ears are bandaged.

Pain isn’t usually an issue following an ear pinning procedure, but Dr. Thors can prescribe medication to help ensure your comfort. Most patients return to work within 1 week after otoplasty, and non-contact exercise can usually be resumed within 2 weeks.

How long do results last after ear pinning?

Ear pinning results are intended to last indefinitely, making otoplasty a very rewarding procedure that can help a man enjoy a lifetime with greater confidence in his appearance.

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